REVENT Proofer Base for ONE39

Proofer and Proofer/Retarder for ONE39 Round Mini oven

Baking quality
> PID system together with the automatic computer controlled 200 step fan speed ensure:
• Smooth proving
• Minimal dehydration
• No “skinned over dough”
> Slow proving at low temperature, optimizing aroma build-up and structure.
> Recovery curves can handle mixed production of large and small pieces.


> No risk of sending bacteria into the chamber as in cold water systems where cold water enters directly into the chamber.
> Floor pitched towards drain to prevent water from accumulating
> Stainless steel interior and exterior > Automatic drain for steam generator

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Total Cost of Ownership Options
> Programmable touch screen control panel with easy setting and display of temperature and humidity.
> Optimized PID regulation of temperature and humidity, reducing energy consumption.
> Proving and/or retarding of small and large dough pieces at the same time.
> External steam tank with easy access for cleaning and for keeping lime out of the proving chamber.
> Internal steam nozzle mounted after fan and temperature elements optimizing energy efficiency and minimizing risk of corrosion or mineral build-up.
> Oven-ready dough all through the day with the FSP (Flexible Slow Proving) system. Automatic drain valve.
> Coated evaporator securing long lifetime and minimizing risk of refrigerant leakage. Heavy duty compressor securing long life and low service cost.
> Electromagnetic steam generator without mechanical or electrical parts within the steam container for stable operation. Water quality as hardness and lime content does not impair function and life of the climate unit.