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Ova’s pizza topping lines are specially built according to the customer’s production needs. OVA Projects manufactures pizza lines from 1 to 8 rows, processing between 500 and 24,000 pizzas/ hr.

Thanks to Ova’s experience and know-how, it can manufacture specific machinery for fresh or frozen pizzas in various shapes and sizes. We offer border-free technology or full-dosing (waterfall) systems. All our machinery is made out of stainless steel and food-grade certified plastics in line with current standards in relation to hygiene, ease of use and dosing accuracy.

Some of the different individual components of a topping line are shown below. For more detail, download the catalog, which has more detailed information. One important thing to note: all Ova products are designed to be easily dismantled and maintained with no or minimal tools, and are designed for use in clean room environments. Ova machinery gives an unequaled level of accuracy. Allied is proud to represent this high level of technology, which surpasses on many levels what has been standard and available in the market up to this point in time.

OVA Projects manufactures machinery and special processing lines for the food industry. We carry out the technological study and design of our equipment in strict accordance with the customer’s production requirements.


Multi-injection tomato sauce dispenser

Mixing and preparation unit for tomato sauce

Mixing and preparation unit for tomato sauce

Topping Dosing Unit Industrial Machine for Bakeries

Topping dosing unit (grated cheese, processed meads, vegetables, fruits…)


Unit-by-unit solids dispenser

Dot Matrix Volumetric Dispenser for Sauces and Creams

Dot-matrix Volumetric Dispenser


Spice and Dehydrated Vegetable Dispenser

OVA Projects

We are constantly striving to develop our equipment in order to offer the market new solutions that are always innovative and in line with hygiene and energy-saving regulations

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