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Benier designs and builds dough production and dough handling systems for all types of dough and has done so for over 120 years. We are well-known for our high-end quality equipment for (semi) industrial bakeries.

The main focus at Benier lies on dough quality and gentle dough handling during mixing, dividing, rounding, proofing, moulding and sheeting. Benier Nederland has designed and built dough production and dough handling equipment for all types of dough for over a 100 years.

The main focus at Benier lies on dough quality and gentle dough handling, for example during dough dividing or moulding. The role model for our high-quality machines is the manual artisanal processing method. Using modern mechanical engineering and control technology we reproduce this processing method. This enables you to produce your products fast and easy as if you produced them by hand.

MS500 Artisan (Pictured)

Easy to clean

  • Easy access for cleaning underneath the pressure board;
  • Easy access to drum sheeting area (free of obstacles).

Easy to operate

  • Easy to understand and logically situated operator controls and setting adjustments;
  • Manual adjustment/ opening of hingeable pressure board;
  • Minimum of set points (simple and effective).

MS500 Artisan (Above)

Suitable for a wide range of products. Each type of product should be moulded to their own specifications. From regular dough consistencies with a fine crumb to pre-fermented high-hydrated dough with an open irregular internal structure.

The unique Benier drum sheeting principle of the MS500 Artisan is able to process this wide range. The diameter of the drum is smaller and the full Teflon sheeting roller has various opening gaps defining the sheet thickness.

If sheeting is not applicable (for round bread) this roller can be easily bypassed by hinging it upwards pneumatically. The curling net is equipped with a quick release function and the lengthening board is also hinged.

Changing-over from one product to the other could require different moulding units. For that reason we offer the option of a quick release function on the lengthening board and a flour duster on a swing arm.

Benier conical rounders

Benier makes it all-round; from stiff pizza dough to long prefermented high-hydrated soft artisan dough. Important parameters contributing to the nal dough ball quality are:

Special alloy with multi layer Teflon treatment:

  • Light weight construction and Te on coating reduces wear and tear;
  • Smooth surface reduces dough damage

Special track execution:

  • Shape of rounding track allows for a soft touch rounding performance;
  • Strong reduction of chipping due to a plastic seal between the cone and track;
  • Central adjustment for proper dough tension regulation;

Wide product range:

  • All kind of capacities and weights; Form: conical, conical/cylindrical or cylindrical; Track length: based on the process;
  • Strong reduction of chipping due to a plastic seal between the cone and track;
  • Central adjustment for proper dough tension regulation;


  • Air fans or ring pipe;
  • Lubrication by means of oil spraying or water;
  • Variable turning speed;
  • Proper dough handling by means of infeed and/or outfeed conveyors;
  • More grip due to grooves in the cone.

Benier not only delivers equipment, but also provides service and technical support by people you can rely on. Whether it concerns new equipment, installation and commissioning, modernising projects, product development in our Kaak Technology Center: our specialists are ready to provide you with support – wherever and whenever you may need it.

Benier supplies a range of Mechanical Dough Developers (MDD). Contact us to learn more about the MDD High Speed Mixer.

Weighing and accurate dividing of the dough is an important part of the process. Benier has a selection of dividers available for you.

The Benier rounders can be adjusted to your process. Check out the possibilities and contact us for the right machine for your dough.

With the First Proofers of Benier your dough is able to rest and develop, this results in a better end product.

Benier moulders help define the shape and structure of your product because of the unique drum sheeting principle.

DrieM Dough Sheeting Technology creates sheeting equipment for bread dough and has optimized every step of the process to support these soft doughs.