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HEUFT The Thermal Oil People

The decision for a new baking-oven wants to be well prepared, because it concerns an investment into many years future.

Our Mission Statement and Objective are clearly defined: Manufacturing ovens of utmost quality – without any compromises.

Heuft Thermo-Oel ovens produced in the town of Bell in the German Eifel region are in operation in many countries around the world. While “Made in Germany” is already a great accolade, “Made in Bell” is synonymous with excellent quality in the top bracket of oven technology, namely the design and production of Thermo-Oel ovens. Heuft is the longest established baking oven manufacturer in Germany, rooted in a family tradition spanning over 300 years. The experience gained over three centuries has provided the Heuft group with a solid foundation from which the company has launched many pioneering innovations in baking oven technology.

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Thinking forward, exploring new grounds. At Heuft, we do not simply respond to trends but are at the vanguard of new developments.

As a company that can look back over more than three hundred years in business, we are proud that Heuft has time and again revolutionized the industry with new oven concepts and designs.

However, one thing never changed over all these years, namely the quality of our products. Designed to perfection in every detail, Heuft ovens and machines bear the „Made in Germany“ mark, of course.

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