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HEUFT The Thermal Oil People

The decision for a new baking-oven wants to be well prepared, because it concerns an investment into many years future.

Our Mission Statement and Objective are clearly defined: Manufacturing ovens of utmost quality – without any compromises.

Heuft Thermo-Oel ovens produced in the town of Bell in the German Eifel region are in operation in many countries around the world. While “Made in Germany” is already a great accolade, “Made in Bell” is synonymous with excellent quality in the top bracket of oven technology, namely the design and production of Thermo-Oel ovens. Heuft is the longest established baking oven manufacturer in Germany, rooted in a family tradition spanning over 300 years. The experience gained over three centuries has provided the Heuft group with a solid foundation from which the company has launched many pioneering innovations in baking oven technology.

Unused HEUFT Thermal Oil Roll-in Rack Oven