REVENT Deck Oven

Baking quality
> Superb artisan quality of the baked product with porus natural clay hearth stones
> 3 zone heat regulation making it easy to adjust the baking profile of the oven and get even bakes
> Temperature range up to 752° F for flatbread

> Corrosion resistant steam system.

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Total Cost of Ownership Options
> Wide variety of sizes rendering a more efficient use of floor space.
> Programmable easy to use control panel
> Ergonomic and safe handles.
Optimized energy efficiency through:

  • Individually controlled decks
  • Heat reflecting glass windows

> Low service costs.
> Quick and easy installation.
> Flexible power supply.
> Convenient bottom shelf for easy reach of supplies.
> Pull-out shelf supporting loading process just when you need it.*
> Oven legs with castors enabling easy cleaning.

*) Only one shelf delivered with oven. Second shelf is optional.