REVENT 703 /G/ – Multi Rack Gas Oven

Max pan size:

Max pan size: Up to 4 single racks (18”x26”), 2 Double racks (18”x26”)

Available in gas/oil heated models

Baking quality
> Bakes everything without adjustments.
> The TCC (Total Convection Control) system

  • Even bake
  • Perfectly even colored products
  • Minimized weight loss
  • Maximized bread volume

> The HVS (High Volume Steam) system ensuring:

  • Excellent texture
  • Excellent crust
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Total Cost of Ownership Options
> Perfect bake without rejects.
> Industry leading availability and output for 24/7 production.
> Most flexible choice for a diversified bakery assortment.
> Simple handling with self-instructive GIAC control panel.
> Bakes up to four different products at once with our multiple-alarm system.
> Renowned durability with the longest life expectancy on the market.
> World leading energy efficiency, verified through accredited institute, through:

  • Revent cross-line heat exchanger
  • Energy save mode.

> Minimized service cost.
> Fast assembly through Revent’s unique wedge system. Quick and easy installation. Baking within a few hours.