REVENT ONE39 /S/G/ – Round Mini Gas Oven

Max pan size:
8 pcs (18”x26”)

Baking quality
> Bakes everything without adjustments.
> New revolutionizing RTCC (Round Total Convection Control) system

  • Even bake
  • Perfectly even colored products
  • Minimized weight loss
  • Maximized bread volume

> New light weight RHVS (Round High Volume Steam) system easy to clean and ensuring:

  • Excellent texture
  • Excellent crust


Total Cost of Ownership Options

> Perfect bake without rejects.
> Reduced equipment footprint opens up new possibilities for small spaces.
> The oven is designed for 24/7 production based on the experience from our earlier 700 series.
> Most flexible choice for a diversified bakery assortment.
> Easy to use with self-instructive and angled GIAC touch control panel.
> Sliding door easy to handle and reducing risk for burn injuries.
> Multiple-alarm system allowing for up to four different products to be baked at once. > World leading energy efficiency through:

    • Round baking chamber minimizing heated air volume
    • New patented Revent Heat Exchanger and modulating burner with high efficiency (89,5%) according to DIN 8766
    • Energy save mode
    • New High Tech Insulation

> Minimized service cost.
> The oven is manufactured in sections, making it easy to install and move through standard door openings. You will be “up and baking” the same day.


Stainless steel.
Non corrosive steam system.

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