Koenig – MINI REX – G2000

Whether rounded, stamped, oval or folded/long-rolled, the cost-efficient compact line G2000 with Mini Rex Futura as head machine makes them all perfectly. The compact prover with an hourly capacity of approx. 2,500 pieces is the ideal solution for small and very small or in-store bakeries.

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Performance features:

  • compact pre-prover with Mini Rex Futura or Mini Rex Multi as head machine
  • max. hourly capacity with prover operation: 2,000-2,500 pieces, continually adjustable /
  • for greater capacity without prover operation, Mini Rex Futura or Multi movable: 1,800-4,000 pieces, continually adjustable /
  • weight ranges Mini Rex Futura / Mini Rex Multi
  • one-row discharge belt for convenient manual removal
  • prover with 100 useable cup swings, for a max. weight of each dough piece: 75 g
  • proving time approx. 6 min., with a capacity of 2,000 pieces/hour
  • stamping device with easily changeable stamping tools
  • integrated folding/long rolling unit (e.g. for the production of Berlin rolls)
  • power supply: 1.2 kW
  • weight approx. 1,100 kg


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