Fritsch – Rollfix Mini



You only have limited space, but don't want to miss out on the performance and safety of a ROLLFIX? Then the FRITSCH ROLLFIX mini is the dough sheeter of your dreams. It is miserly with space: when folded up, it takes up an area of just 780 x 950 mm. Even when it is operating (with 50 cm tables), it works just fine on one-and-a-half square metres of floor space.


It is a true FRITSCH ROLLFIX in every respect. It is robust as well as easy and safe to operate. This is why it is ideal wherever performance and quality are required, but dough does not need to be continuously processed – or wherever space is simply at a premium.  For example, in small but select bakeries such as pastry shops, pizzerias, hotels, restaurants or canteen kitchens. The ROLLFIX mini dough sheeter excels for party service or in a carnival trailer due to its mobility and efficiency, due to the fact that it can be assembled ready-to-use on any stable surface.

Takes up a minimum of space, but offers maximum performance: if you wish to produce your own perfectly sheeted dough, the FRITSCH ROLLFIX mini is always the machine of choice.

Quick Overview

  •   Space saving
  •   High mobility
  •   Easy handling
  •   High accuracy


  • Minimum space requirements
  • Easy transportation for changing uses
  • Automatic operation through both-sided motor-driven sheeting tables with linen conveyor belts
  • Exact dough sheet thickness because of uncomplicated and exact roller adjustment
  • Best hygienic characteristics thanks to hard chromium-plated rollers with scrapers

Technical Data

Measurement 1,450 x 900 mm
Sheeting speed 26 m/min
Working width 520 mm
Roller gap 0 – 30 mm
Dough block processing up to approx. 5 kg
Table length Standard 500 mm

Option 800 mm

Power 0.37 kW
Weight 79.5 kg
Accessory 1 dough spool


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