Fritsch – Rollfix 600



If you are looking for a dough sheeter that is user-friendly and provides consistent results and greater efficiency for your bakery, the ROLLFIX 600 is the ideal choice. This model is equipped with the latest computer controls that are pre-loaded with numerous sheeting programmes and up to 18 different reduction degrees.


The entire sheeting process along with the adjustment of the roller gap is fully automatic and always accurate. This keeps the dough at a constant thickness and improves the uniformity of the products. The innovative roller gap adjustment has enabled us to reduce processing times even more. This results in faster operation and improved efficiency in the bakery.

When the dough block is ready for sheeting, the ROLLFIX 600 dough sheeter can initially be left to work on its own. The computer control makes this possible. It continuously measures the width of the dough sheet and, as soon as the desired width has been reached, it momentarily shuts off the machine. Then, you can turn the dough and continue processing it.

You have the option of combining your ROLLFIX 600 with an automatic flour duster or an automatic spooling unit. Moreover, the dough sheeter is also available in a 600 W version with an integrated moulding unit.


  • Processing of large dough blocks thanks to big roller gap (up to 45 mm)
  • Flexible dough sheet thicknesses due to roller gap adjustment with millimeter precision
  • Gentle and uniform sheeting
  • Efficient control with quick reaction time
  • Flexible programming with 100 product memory addresses
  • Tension-free spooling-up using the automatic spooling unit
  • Long service life due to robust stainless steel design
  • Easy to clean due to hygienic design and good accessibility (i.e. quick release mechanism)
  • Minimized development of flour dust due to automatic flour duster


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