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Industrial solutions, Automated Productions Lines.

Largest Fully Automated, Turn Key Solutions for Largest Food Producers and Bakers.

We can tailor cake production lines to fit in with your existing plant. From paper cup denesters, mixers and depositors to ovens, injecting systems, depanners and packaging lines, we can offer customized, state-of-the-art technologies that will provide the capacity for processing new products, and for upgrading, optimizing and automating existing processes.

Depositing, Filling and Paper Cup Dispensing Products for Industrial Applications

Sweet or Savory: What’s Your Indulgence?

From satisfying pies and pizzas to delicate pastries, tempting cakes, confectionary and snappy crackers, there is a sweet or savory bakery delight to tempt each one of us. We see today’s bakery and confectionary goods as colourful, imaginative and sophisticated, but many of our favourite products, for example, lollipops can only be manufactured thanks to a raft of state-of-the-art processing and packaging technologies.

Having more than 100 years of combined experience in the bakery sector, thanks to the acquisition of Comas and Imaforni, GEA offers industry-leading equipment  and complete production lines for cakes, pies, cookies, soft and hard biscuits, layer cakes, pastries, pizza, crackers, snacks and selected bread applications. Our proprietary technologies and full line integration capabilities mean that we can provide turnkey systems for a wide range of products, and all from a single source. GEA expertise and solutions span every stage of bakery product processing, from ingredients reception and bulk handling, to liquid and powder processing, control systems, refrigeration and packaging services.

Whatever the complexity or scale of process line or plant, GEA industry experts, technical specialists and project managers work with each customer at every stage to tailor the right solution, from initial consulting and planning, through to installation and commissioning. And through our world-class service options we can ensure the reliable and robust operation of every piece of GEA technology for the whole of its service life.

The bakery section of is currently being updated to incorporate product and application content for our bakery business.

Comas Cakematic Automatic Layer Cake Line

The Cakematic line finally responds in full to the requirements of all the bakeries that produce several kinds of fresh or frozen layer cakes on daily basis.
This new line of modular machines has been designed for industrial use and to offer complete flexibility with the highest degree of automation.
With the innovative turntable, automated and patented, on the Cakematic line it is indeed possible to use a single cream depositor and a single syrup depositor to fill every cake layer by achieving great advantages:

  • cut down in costs
  • cut down in personnel
  • reduction in overall dimensions
  • reduction in change-over times
  • reduction in cleaning times

The Cakematic line allows to produce cakes with 2, 3, 4 or more layers of a diameter ranging between 140 and 280 mm. The output rate can vary between 300 and 550 cakes/hr. according to the number of layers. The fully electronic control system of the line allows to store the working data of every single product for quick re-using.

Allied Bakery Equipment is the North American Importer, Parts Supplier, Distributor and Manufacturers Representative for Comas

Comas is a business which has been able in the course of over 20 years, to win national and international market by successfully imposing its own plant technologies. Because of their experience and the use of the most advanced technologies, they are able to offer to you the following solutions: