• Patented dough mixer with low friction factor technology allowing:

    •  Reduced temperature increase during mixing (from 30 to 50% in comparison to traditional mixing technologies).
    •  Reduced energy consumption (from 30 to 50% in comparison to traditional mixing technologies).
    •  Delicate and highly efficient mixing action for a better gluten development
    •  Reduced use of additives and improvers for a cleaner label
    •  Increased dough water intake and reduced AW parameters
    •  Very versatile mixing action for different dough formulas and processes.
    •  High mixing speed thanks to twin tools technology
    •  Possibility of a Low cost modification to change the mixing technology (Single Spiral, Double Spiral and Revo) at any time.
  • SERIES F3X 40 - 200

    Features: steel structure - bowl (equipped with rotating central post) and spiral mixing tool in food-grade stainless steel - 2 independent motors 2 timers - 1st and 2nd speed of the mixing tool - special executions (for "hard doughs") with strengthened motor and spiral driving with parallel axes gearbox ("head" of the industrial mixer series SE) - inversion of bowl rotation direction - jogging push button for easy discharge. Controls located on head of mixer wheels and locking devices.
  • Features: Self supporting structure in painted steel - Mixing bowl and mixing tools in stainless steel - Patented kneading system by two vertical synchronized tools - Double speed kneading action controlled by two timers - Kneading tools driven by electrical motor and lubrication free parallel axes gearboxes - Bowl rotation driven by independent gearbox - Bowl lid in stainless steel completely closed - Mixer on wheels with locking devices - Jogging push button
  • Laboratory Mixer SERIES GHF/GDF/GRF

    Features: Stainless steel structure - Mixing bowl and tools in stainless steel - Mixing bowl and mixing tools Independently driven by “OIL FREE driving system” to avoid dough contamination - Control of mixing tools speed by inverter for maximum flexibility - Lid in stainless steel - Side controls in separated box - Jogging push button for easier dough extraction.
  • SERIES FRC 160-500

    Features: heavy steel structure - hydraulic rise and descent of head - tools’ transmission by parallel axes gearbox and belts - bowl transmission by friction wheel (two friction wheels for FRC 320 and FRC 500) - stainless steel bowl – stainless steel fork kneading arm “helicoidal” – stainless steel bowl cover completely closed, with plastic sealing ring - automatic hydraulic hooking system of bowl trolley (at the connection to the machine) and automatic descent start of the head, head descent completion by hold-to-run control - At mixing end the bowl trolley is automatically released and the head rises by hydraulic unit - operating panel separated from machine, fitted on the right side of the mixer - mixer lifted from the ground (about 85 mm) by n° 4 stainless steel feet.