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Revent Rotating Rack Ovens


Revent Proofers, Deck Ovens and small retail ovens

Revent 739 Information and Pictures

Gas - 8 Fullsize 18" x 26" pans in the oven and 16 pans in the proofer


Revent Deck Oven

Electric - Available 2 or 3 pans wide and either 5.9" or 7.9" inside deck height

Revent Single Rack 726

Gas/Electric/Oil - 1 Single rack in a variety of spacing

Revent Humidifiers EB/EBK
Revent Double Rack 724

Gas/Electric/Oil - 1 Double rack in a variety of spacing

Revent 7100 Series Proofer
Revent 703 Information and Pictures

Gas/Electric/Oil -  2 Double racks in a variety of spacing

Revent 620 Information and Brochure

Double Rack Oven, The 620 Oven is engineered for optimal bottom heat to provide superior ovenjump and maximum lift. Featuring Revent baking technology systems.

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In addition to new ovens we also stock many parts for these ovens and older 619, 624 and 626 models as well, call Allied today for parts and service

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