Revent Humidifiers EB & EBK Specifications
EB/EBK with Revent Air Wash
Revent Air Wash is one of the most sophisticated
humidification system on the market
yet easy to use and maintain. The heavy
duty system is broadly used in large wholesale
bakeries around the world .

Humidifier EB-10
This humidifier is equipped with elements
with a heating capacity of 10 kW. The maximum
heating capacity for one unit is 65
square feet/6m. Up to 6 EB-10 units can be
connected to 1 control unit.

Humidifier EBK-10
This unit is for combined retarding/proofing
rooms. The difference compared to EB-10, is
that the humidifier has been equipped with
a cooling coil unit on the inlet side. A suitable
compressor has to be obtained locally
not supplied by Revent - as well as expansion
valve, filter, pressostat, solenoid valve,
inspection glass and tube. These components
have to be installed by a local refrigerator

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