Revent 739 Mini Oven and Proofer


739 Shop Oven Available in gas, oil or electrically heated models. Max tray size: 8 trays - 18 x 26

The oven also features a high volume steam system. The HVS system made famous in Revent's 6-series ovens produces the maximum amount of steam through its unique steam ball design.

The 739 series is also very economical to run thanks to Revent's insulation system. Overlapping layers of high-density mineral wool minimize heat loss and therefore power costs. This insulation system also means that the oven is safer to work with and recovers temperature faster than any other mini oven on the market.

The oven is completely computer controlled and offers a variety of preset programs for ease of operation. An optional proofer completes a very compact and functional package.

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