Revent 726 Single Rack Oven Specifications
Standard features:
Revent TCC System
Revent HVS System
Revent LID System
Revent Cross Line Heat Exchanger
Revent Wedge Installation System
Stainless Steel Design
IAC (InterActive Control) Panel
Automatic Steam and Damper Control
Double glass door

Technical information:
Maximum Heat Capacity: see table below
Temperature range: 95-572F
Total shipping weight: 2425 lbs*
Minimum intake opening: without skid:
39" x 56" with skid: 41.5" x 62" (standard
2 section delivery)
Minimum intake opening: 55.2"x57.1"
(optional one-piece shipment without skid)
Minimum section tilt up height and
recommended service height: 106"
Swing diameter: 37.4
Max load of rack lift and platform 441 lbs
Steam Generation 1.19gals/20sec at 482F
Installation requirements: The oven must
be installed on level non combustible
floor. The oven may be installed flush
against a wall - only the front and top
need to be left for access. The space on top
of the oven must be well ventilated and
the temperature may not exceed 120F to
avoid damage to electrical components.

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