HEUFT The Thermal Oil People

The decision for a new baking-oven wants to be well prepared, because it concerns an investment into many years future.

Our Mission Statement and Objective are clearly defined: Manufacturing ovens of utmost quality - without any compromises.

Be it in Russia, Norway, Austria, Australia, Japan, Poland, Ireland, Switzerland, Croatia, Belgium, etc., Heuft ovens are in operation. - From the small family operated company with headquarters in a small Eifel village in Germany, a worldwide enterprise has developed. Big enough to provide any baking company an optimal solution; and small enough to provide individual and personel service to our customers. Quality baked goods demand quality technology, and every experienced baker knows this; and Heuft understands this as well. This Mission Statement has constantly been proven and implemented by landmark innovations developed in Bell, Germany, with each newly created oven generation.

The Vulkan Impact - High tech, at its utmost: No other large-scale oven is so felxible to use; and in combination with the dual-loader, Concord, can be quickly loaded and unloaded: and 100% fully automatic. A unique system for a wide range of products and high unit production. A frequent change of products presents absolutely no problem.

VATO - The Vulkan Thermo-oel automatic Oven  especially design for quality conscious craft bakers who are planning for future expansion: the transverse and height adjustable Concord loader automatically takes on the back-breaking oven work in combination with the Vulkan Thermo-oel automatic Oven.

Euroback - this is the time-tested giant of the step-system. Extremely high unit production and rational process. By baking area from 100 up to 400m the thermo-oel is very convincing due to its superior system of thermal-heat-transfer. Step by step it produces first-quality baked goods.

HEAT-TRANSFER SYSTEMS AND BOILER - Pioneering technology developed in Bell, Germany: our Thermo-oel Specialists provide innovative heat-transfer systems using efficient solutions in order to drastically reduce your variable costs: Today, Heuft can offer, in reality, energy savings of up to  40%

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