Sancassiano PLT Bridge Frame Planetary Mixer

General Features of All Sancassiano Planetary Mixers:

Our planetary mixers are composed of two tools working together into the batter.
•Working speed of tools can be changed continuously with a frequency inverterfrom very low speed (for the first blending or for additions incorporation) to a very high speed for the aeration mixing steps.
•Together with the tools is working a continuous scraperwhich, together with the perfect shape of the bowl, is assuring the perfect blending of heavy and light ingredients helping in “lifting”and “pushing”the product into the mixing tools.
•A special sanitary execution without bolts and dead angles is available on request for the scraper.
•Sancassiano tools are not obtained with a casting process but with an internal process developed with a major Italian research company, increasing their resistance for heavy industrial applications


•Optimum mixing and homogenization of ingredients

•Optimum adaptability to all types of products thanks to many available options (vacuum, pressure, steam,…)

•Extreme mixing speed thanks to the double tool and rotating scraper


Big dimension on floor and height


From 120 to 1200 liters of capacity


Sample Tools Available for Planetary Mixers

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