Sancassiano, the world leader in vertical mixing systems, is proud to announce perhaps the biggest revolution ever in vertical mixing technologies:

 THE HYDRA Elastic Force - Mixer


Removable Bowl Double Action Mixer in sizes from 220kg - 800kg ( 480lbs - 1760lbs )


This patented and innovative mixing technology combines in one mixer:
Reduced Mixing Time compared with spiral or horizontal mixers
Low temperature rise - normally between 2-5 F. total!
Higher Water Absorption - An average of 5% additional hydration is possible without an effective change in machineability


Unsurpassed gluten development, Improved amalgamation of fat-based ingredients and particulates
Lower energy costs due to a low friction factor nearly all the energy used by the motors goes directly into the dough, greater tolerance for variations in external parameters uniquely tolerant to additional mixing time without resulting in an overmixed dough

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