Sancassiano Oil-Less Planetary Mixer

General Features of All Sancassiano Planetary Mixers

Our planetary mixers are composed of two tools working together into the batter.
•Working speed of tools can be changed continuously with a frequency inverter from very low speed (for the first blending or for additions incorporation) to a very high speed for the aeration mixing steps.
•Together with the tools is working a continuous scraper which, together with the perfect shape of the bowl, is assuring the perfect blending of heavy and light ingredients helping in “lifting”and “pushing”the product into the mixing tools.
•A special sanitary execution without bolts and dead angles is available on request for the scraper.
•Sancassiano tools are not obtained with a casting process but with an internal process developed with a major Italian research company, increasing their resistance for heavy industrial applications

NEW PATENTED SANCASSIANO SYSTEM: OIL-FREE mechanism (No Seals, No Gears) Sanitary Design Independent Speeds for Tools and Scraper

The NEW mixing group of Sancassiano planetary mixer is composed by a complete OIL-FREE stainless steel gearbox


The tools and the scraper are driven by 2 independent motors, giving the possibility to independently change the speed of the scraper and the speed of the tools, improving the flexibility of the mixer and giving more possibility to customize customers' recipes

The group is composed of standard belts, bearings and other components assuring a very user friendly and maintenance-free assembly. No specialized technicians are necessary to operate on our new planetary mixers!

No gears and no oil are in the system, so no seals are necessary and no risk of oil leaking into the products present

The only seal in the system is the one necessary for the air injection. It is designed involving the more modern technologies (patented) and to have an extremely easy access for periodical check-in

The new design is specially developed for an easy sanitation and the dead areas, bolts, sharp angles have been eliminated or reduced to the minimum.

Sample Tools Available for Planetary Mixers

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