Sancassiano ERT Bowl Tippers


Hydraulic tilter for table or transfer discharging. Frontal (ERT-F) or side (ERT-L) tilting directions. Tilting height lower than 1100 mm. ( specify tilting side, right or left at order). Tilting by hold-to-run control. Maximal capacity: bowl for 250 kg dough.
Special execution with 4 stainless steel feet elevating the machine 60 mm from the ground
Special execution for discharging height lower than 500 mm (two hydraulic cylinder for tilting).
Special execution for bowl discharging with capacity over 300 Kg. dough.
Stainless steel safety cages and automatic tilting cycle
Special hooking system for removable trolleys tilting differently from Sancassiano models.
Automatic bowl rotation and scraping system during discharging, complete of safety cages and automatic tilting cycle.

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