Sancassiano Continuous Mixing Systems

The last mixing system created by SANCASSIANO and registered with several patents from 1991 to 1994. It is surely the solution of the future: one step beyond the traditional "batch" systems with discontinuous feeding.
This new continuous mixer is able to offer both the quality and flexibility of the spiral mixers and the advantage of the Continuous system. The ingredients fed by means of "loss in weight feeders" are blended in a PREMIX chamber and mixed in a circular channel in which a variable number of spiral mixing tools (depending on the production per hour wanted) are machining a small portion of batch. Each spiral tool has a circular motion around its axis (responsible of machining process) and a planetary motion around the bowl axis (for conveying the dough to the outlet area).
The speed of each motion is independent and adjustable, for an efficient control of the production ( both in quality and in quantity ). The whole equipment (including feeders) is controlled by a PLC to manage recipes and parameters.
Temperature control by double jacketed bowl. Sancassiano Continuous mixer is suitable for bread, baguette, Pizza, donuts and several other kinds of doughs.


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