Comas Model DV3 Co-Extruder and Wire Cutter

The COMAS co-extruder model DV3 has been designed for the simultaneous extrusion of two different dough types, this new machine is made up of two completely independent depositing heads on a single frame with height adjustment.
Running principle of the depositing heads: two motorized rollers feed the dough to a set of lobe pumps underneath (one for every outlet) which deposit the mix with extreme accuracy across the whole working width (max. 1200 mm).
The two pump assemblies are easily interchangeable according to the number of outlets required.
A third depositing head is available as an optional accessory should injection of a fluid filling be requested between the two dough mixes (ie. jam).
DV3 is a very versatile machine and lends itself to the deposit of all sorts of fluid, whipped or dense mixes, also containing solid particles like nut pieces, chocolate, candied fruit etc.
This machine can be fitted on existing production lines or make-up tables or equipped with its own belt conveyor.
All the functions are PLC controlled allowing to store the working values of every single product into a specific program.
The machine can be washed down and all the components of the depositing heads are easily removable for cleaning.

The DV3 model is available in 3 widths (800, 1000 and 1200 mm) and can be provided with various accessories like wire cutter, guillotine and press roller.